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Daily Devotions for Advent 2018

Daily Devotions for Advent 2018 (The Living Gospel)
Paperback 2018
by Greg Kandra
[Kindle or paperback – inexpensive; about $1]

Every day, I prayerfully read the Gospel reading set for the Daily Eucharist. This is the most-used systematic bible-reading arrangement in the world. It is used by Roman Catholics, Anglicans, and many others – not just by those who celebrate the Eucharist on weekdays.

In this book, Deacon Greg Kandra provides a wonderful 2-page reflection for every day in Advent, linked to the set Gospel reading.

Each reflection begins, “Be still, and know that I am God.” This is followed by praying a verse from the psalm set with the Eucharistic reading.

Under the subheading, “Listen”, the reference to the full Gospel reading is given. Only one verse is picked out and printed in the text. This is then followed by Deacon Greg’s thoughtful reflection.

“Act” is the subheading where a suggestion is given for something to do that day. I call it a suggestion, as you may decide to do something quite different in response to your reading.

And all is concluded with a one-sentence prayer, each time beginning, “O come, o come, Emmanuel!”

For the time-pressured, all can be done within five minutes, and, of course, extended to longer.

Greg Kandra serves as a deacon in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. I have known him as a wonderful e-friend for a decade now, initially through his Deacon’s Bench blog. He is a man of integrity, ecumenically understanding, an insightful writer and story-teller.

A month ago, I suggested another Advent resource, by Craufurd Murray. This has a different structure and approach. They can easily complement each other in our run-up to Christmas. [One idea: use one in the morning and the other at night].

One niggle: the Northern Hemisphere assumption that it is getting darker in Advent. For half the planet, of course, Advent is heading into the light – not the dark.

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