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Easter is 50 days


Great Christian festivals begin in the evening after sunset, are celebrated through the day and on into the next evening. Easter begins in the evening with the Easter Vigil and is celebrated for fifty days as one long festival.

It is not one day. It is not 40 days. Easter is a seventh of the year, the Great Sunday of the year, the 50 days of the Early Church, and Nicaea…

Click on Easter is 50 days, and press “going”. Then share the link with all your friends (virtual and non-virtual ones), tweet it, put it on your facebook profile, add it to your blog, print it on your service sheets. Do this for 50 days 🙂

Many people like, from time to time, to add a badge to their website or blog. You will usually find samples on the Liturgy home page. Here is one for the Easter Season:


The HTML for adding the above badge to your blog or website is:

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4 thoughts on “Easter is 50 days”

  1. “I hope you are going to take it down after Easter” wrote a local atheist to our vicar about the cross put up on the hill on Good Friday.
    “I didn’t like to tell him that Easter was 50 days,” commented the vicar.

    1. Thanks. Is “Pidge” the usual way you are addressed? On this site we normally use the ordinary name we are known by. It is part of maintaining our positive culture here – so that even when we disagree, we are conscious we are doing so with a real person on the other side of their screen. Christ is risen! Blessings.

  2. I’ve been called Pidge since I was a child. It is not my given name but for legal reasons I have to be careful about using that online. I will, if you wish, email you it and a quick google will reveal why I have to be cautious.

    1. Thanks, Pidge. I realise you’ve commented here a number of times, and I value your being part of the community here. I’ve been asking a few people to not use pseudonyms, and that’s how you ended up with my comment to you – to stop any murmurs. There are, in fact, a small number, whose identity is known to me, who, for different reasons, post here with a pseudonym. You are very welcome to email me as you suggest (the address is found under “Liturgy home/contact”). If it is the name that you are normally called, I think everyone here is comfortable with that. Easter Season Blessings.

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