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“God” in 140 characters

Regulars here will know I recently became active on twitter. Last night I asked: “What does the word “God” mean to you? Yes – you only have 140 characters.” This morning I awake to answers that are profound, thought-provoking, encouraging, delightful. And also the excellent suggestion that I collate them here on my site. Even if you are not on twitter, you can add your version if it enhances this list (no anonymous posting please – same as on twitter) – and remember, twitter rules apply in this case: no more than 140 characters – including spaces. If more arrive on twitter, I will update this post.

  • God is the only one who loves me with no strings attached for all of my worthlessness
  • what does the word God mean to me? He is my “Everything”
  • Father, Saviour, love, purpose, love, power, love, mercy, love, regeneration, love, adventure, love, authority, love, compassion
  • God is the source and ground of all that is; in all and beyond all;truth;love;without beginning or end
  • God is the creator of all that is, and the sure and loving guide of its development
  • God is love; God is; God is being.
  • To me God means conscience – thinking before you act and feeling guilty if you get it wrong.
  • God is the Present Moment. All in All. God is Good. God is.
  • God is a deity in theistic and deistic religions, representing the sole deity in monotheism or a principal deity in polytheism…
  • One, Transcendent, unknowable, yet closer to me than my own life
  • Grace, Omnipresence, Divine
  • “in him whom we live and move and have our being.”
  • The Centre of my being and the Being at every Centre
  • 1 word……. GOD = LOVE
  • God IS!
  • God is love”. Everything else is commentary
  • God is Beloved, Essence that fills all, Source of everything past, present and future
  • “God is; he is as he is in Jesus, so there is hope.” + David Jenkins, former Bishop of Durham and excellent theologian.
  • What can one say of Him? All our words are flawed attempts to describe what it is beyond us to describe.

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