The Anglican Twitter Communion

compass-rose-twitterIf you don’t use twitter, skip this post and go and watch a sunset or bake some muffins…

Fr. Roderick is compiling a list of Roman Catholics on twitter. If you are Anglican/Episcopalian or (as most visitors to this site would be) in tune with liturgical, lectionary-based worship and spirituality and you are on twitter you are invited to add your profile here. If you are Roman Catholic (as my previous sentence I hope made clear to others) I am not trying to be exclusivist here (any time spent on this site would highlight its ecumenical intent) – but I’m not wanting to compete with, but rather complement, Fr. Roderick’s work.

If you are on twitter, please add your details in the comments box. Very important: Please use your full twitter URL instead of filling in your “website” – so that those who want to can click directly through to your twitter profile. Write a little about yourself – you know the drill – less than 160 characters: we would like your name; then about you: Organist, Sunday School teacher, bishop, Youth group leader, Lay Reader, priest,…; where you are: diocese, country,…; some interests…

Please contact me if you find someone in the list who is not appropriately there.

Please let me know if someone has done this already previously.

We want a short description (no greetings or conclusions – less than 160 characters) and we want to be able to get to your twitter profile quickly if we are interested.

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