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Resources for 30th Ordinary Sunday

Heart in the Bible

Let us pray (in silence) [that God’s love strengthen us to do God’s will]


Almighty everliving God, [or God of holiness]
increase within us your gifts of faith, hope, and love,
and make us cherish what you command,
so that we may obtain what you promise;
through Jesus Christ
who is alive with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

The above ancient prayer is used by Roman Catholics and Episcopalians/Anglicans and others – and on the same day! It has a long, shared history which you can find here with commentary and reflection: Ordinary 30. The above is my rendering in my Book of Prayers in Common.

My Introduction to the lectionary readings

Resources: Textweek

All Saints’ Vigil (Halloween)
All Saints
All Saints Resources

You can add your ideas and resources below.

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2 thoughts on “Resources for 30th Ordinary Sunday”

  1. Under the Pope’s directive on translation (and rebuke of Cardinal Sarah), is the 1998 Missal still ‘failed’ (as per your notes on collect) or could it soon simply be called the ‘1998 translation’?

    1. What a wonderful thought, Andrew! Might there be a bishops’ conference that allows the use of this translation? Maybe better than “failed” I could start writing “not-yet-succeeded”! Or “not-yet-allowed”. Blessings.

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