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Song of Songs: A contemplative guide

The Song of Songs: A Contemplative Guide [Paperback]
Song of Songs: A contemplative guide [Kindle Edition]
by Graeme Watson
SPCK Publishing
156 pages

I have mentioned, previously, meeting the author of this book, Rev. Graeme Watson, and his wife, Liz, and spending a delightful evening with them at the home of fellow blogger, Fr Ron Smith, and his wife Diana, who are mentioned in the Acknowledgements at the start of this book on The Song of Songs.

I discovered, then, that Graeme was working on this new book. What is unusual (or perhaps not) is that, as well as having a passion for the Cloud of Unknowing for about forty years, I have had at least a similarly long interest in the possibly-surprising-to-be-in-the-Bible book, The Song of Songs. So I am delighted to read Graeme’s book.

Graeme’s book is essentially in two parts. Part 1 introduces the Song of Songs, its genre, history, and some of the history of its different interpretations. Part 2 divides the Song of Songs into fifty sections, a commentary on the section leads into a prayerful reflection which might include a poem or a hymn. This is much in the style of Lectio Divina (notes on which forms an Appendix). One section a day could form a great discipline for a daily seed for Lectio Divina.

I recommend this book to you.

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