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Today is the fourth birthday of twitter. On March 4 the 10 billionth tweet was sent – but we don’t know what the tweet was, because the tweeter has their tweets set on private.

See number 6 on this video:

A researcher just contacted me and asked:
1) If medium is the message, what do you think is the message of Twitter?
2) To what capacity has Twitter aided you in your ministry?

What do you think?
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1 thought on “twitter”

  1. 1) If the medium is the message than the message of Twitter is: “get to the point”. If a certain good Bishop could summarise his frequent and lengthy tomes into Tweets, I suspect far more people would find the time to read his points.

    2) Twitter has aided ministers of the Gospel throughout the centuries with their ministry. Foremost amongst these is perhaps Luther with his 95 tweets that set out what he wanted to say in concise and plain language.

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