picture-5This morning my Twitter account @liturgy (http://twitter.com/liturgy) “has been suspended due to strange activity.” Well I always knew that many (most?) people regard liturgy as a “strange activity”!!! Apparently suspension can last up to thirty days. I have nearly 14,000 followers who regularly comment how they find my tweeting of prayers, quotes, reflections, etc. enriching of their day. Strange activity indeed.

Here was this morning’s strange activity that led to my suspension:

  • A person in China with seven followers had sent me a tweet. I tried to follow back, but was told I couldn’t add more followers at this stage.
  • I sent a tweet that July 6 is the feast of Thomas More.
  • I sent a tweet pointing to the Straight Outta Compline fun video
  • I unfollowed some I had been following who were not following me back to make room to follow my Chinese follower and some others
  • I received a tweet from a high school student about Thomas More – the name of their school, how they celebrate on a different date, and how next year will be a big celebration for them
  • I tried to tweet back to him and… was told I was “not authorised” to do that and that my account “”has been suspended due to strange activity”

UPDATE 28:08 NZ time: I’m back on twitter! No explanation (not even an auto email or autoDM! of explanation yet). I appear to have lost 6 followers & appear to be following 272 people less than when I was suspended. All else appears fine.

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