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What Denomination Are You?


Please, can you just take a moment to click on the poll below the denomination that you identify with. Thanks!

There was an interesting conversation on this site earlier this week about how widespread this site is. On the image above you can get some idea of where people live who are part of the community around this website. But I have no idea what denominational background people who gather here have.

So it may be really interesting: please take a moment to click on the poll below and let us know what denomination you identify with. And do forgive me if I have omitted your favourite denomination; or lumped you in with a group you would never identify with. Sorry… There’s always “other” 🙂

Thanks in anticipation. And looking forward to the results.

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13 thoughts on “What Denomination Are You?”

  1. Graham-Michoel

    The problem is Bosco, I identify both Catholic and Anglican. No slot here for Ecumenical. And I am most certainly not ‘other’. Regards, Br G-M

  2. Would point out that by putting “Methodist; Presbyterian” as an option you are lumping together to very different theologies (Arminian; Calvinistic).

    1. Yes, great point, James. Here in NZ, Methodists and Presbyterians regularly are one community, often called a “Co-operating Parish”. Do you think this “very different theologies” is noticed? Would all (many) be aware of it? What would those brought up in such a Co-operating Parish think of themselves and what theology would they hold? Blessings.

      1. I’d see it as a good thin in part to move beyond some of the theological questions that act as stumbling blocks and become pin head discussions.

        Also not that aware of bits around the world and how they have resolved (or not) this question. Will have to look into it when time allows.

  3. The title of this post just makes me think of the Simpsons:

    Bart: What religion are you?

    Homer: You know, the one with all the well-meaning rules that don’t work out in real life. Uh… Christianity.

  4. I rather agree with your fields, especially that you have put correctly OC with Anglicans.

    Also Methodists and Presbyterians in the same field is correct for several countries (Belgium, Canada…).

    What about Lutherans? As long as most of them are sacramental Churches in full communion with Anglicans (and sometimes with OC too), I suppose th’d rather be in the same field as Anglicans… Except in France, where they are in the same Church with Presbys and Meths.

    While I suppose there aren’t any Oriental Orthodox, Oriental Catholics or Eastern Catholics surfing on your blog, in which field would they be? From a liturgical viewpoint, they should be in the same field with Eastern Orthodox; from a dogmatic point of view, most of the ECath and OCath are more Romish than the pope, while the other half are like the Easter & Oriental Orthodox.

    Anyway, it’s a good way of having it!

  5. The inclusion of Evangelical is interesting – as is its grouping with Pentecostal. Not sure they necessarily belong together? Also, I’d guess I’m not alone in identifying as both Anglican (Episcopalian) AND Evangelical. Perhaps part of the issue is the question of what’s really meant by the word “evangelical”…

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