In this brief video, I try and present the essence of a cathedral.

This video of me is one of seven expert video presentations for the Christchurch diocesan synod as it considers what to do about the earthquake-damaged cathedral at the heart of Christchurch. The Bishop and Church Property Trustees have now entrusted this decision to the synod meeting in September.

Some of the material in the other videos is now outdated. The offer from the Government ($25 million) and from the Council ($10 million) affect the financial considerations of the videos.

The Christchurch Anglican Cathedral is a very controversial topic.

Please restrict your comments on this site to the liturgical and theological content of my video. I will not allow comments advocating for or against certain actions (past, present, future), what should have happened in the Square, or what you think needs to be done now. If your comment stays with the generic idea of a cathedral, rather than the specifics of the one in the Square, that will be fine.

The rest of the videos are found here (click this link).

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