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The Anglican Twitter Communion

compass-rose-twitterIf you don’t use twitter, skip this post and go and watch a sunset or bake some muffins…

Fr. Roderick is compiling a list of Roman Catholics on twitter. If you are Anglican/Episcopalian or (as most visitors to this site would be) in tune with liturgical, lectionary-based worship and spirituality and you are on twitter you are invited to add your profile here. If you are Roman Catholic (as my previous sentence I hope made clear to others) I am not trying to be exclusivist here (any time spent on this site would highlight its ecumenical intent) – but I’m not wanting to compete with, but rather complement, Fr. Roderick’s work.

If you are on twitter, please add your details in the comments box. Very important: Please use your full twitter URL instead of filling in your “website” – so that those who want to can click directly through to your twitter profile. Write a little about yourself – you know the drill – less than 160 characters: we would like your name; then about you: Organist, Sunday School teacher, bishop, Youth group leader, Lay Reader, priest,…; where you are: diocese, country,…; some interests…

Please contact me if you find someone in the list who is not appropriately there.

Please let me know if someone has done this already previously.

We want a short description (no greetings or conclusions – less than 160 characters) and we want to be able to get to your twitter profile quickly if we are interested.

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45 Responses to Anglicans Episcopalians on twitter

  1. Bosco Peters says:

    http://twitter.com/liturgy Anglican priest, secondary school chaplain, Christchurch New Zealand. Interests: liturgy, spirituality, internet. Runs http://www.liturgy.co.nz

  2. http://twitter.com/Reflectionsblog Cheshire, UK. IT consultant and ordained priest in Church of England. http://kathwilliamson.blogspot.com/

  3. http://bishopalan.blogspot.com Area Bishop of Buckingham in the Oxford Diocese. Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. Large family – 5 children. Interests: photography, history, film, Benedictine monasticism, France, poetry, social media; also ran.

  4. Justin Brett says:

    http://twitter.com/justinbrett School teacher and member of the Church of England’s General Synod. To be found at http://gensyn.blogspot.com and http://dodgyliberal.blogspot.com

  5. Norris Battin says:

    http://twitter.com/nbattin Warden, lay reader, Compass Rose Society board member, retired healthcare marketing & PR executive, Newport Beach, CA.

  6. Drew Mac says:

    Anglican Chaplain in the Royal Air Force, currently based at Brize Norton in Oxfordshire

  7. Gillian says:

    http://twitter.com/gillh Victoria, Canada, Choir member plus random other things, hopefully settling down soon as a graduate student after sailing around the Pacific for a year. Blogs about life, faith, and travels on http://gillrh.blogspot.com/

  8. Mark says:

    Priest in the Church of England and psychotherapist. Hampshire, UK. Interests: Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy; Jungian archetypes and liturgy; walking with my (black) dog; whiskey from Jura and Islay.

  9. John Hall says:

    http://twitter.com/jesussoundbite “A word or phrase quoting Jesus.” Episcopal Priest in Chandler, Arizona, USA. Interests: Franciscan and Celtic spirituality, exercise and rock climbing, forgiveness and grace.

  10. Jan Gunter says:

    Longing for liturgical worship. Attended an Anglican communion church recently and loved the liturgy.

  11. Rector of Christ Church, Albertville, AL, USA. One ft firmly in the 4th c., the other firmly in the 21st…I think

  12. Josh Frank says:

    http://twitter.com/iamjoshfrank youth & children’s formation minister in a chicago episcopal church. emerging, neo-monastic, sometimes freelance graphic/web designer. brought to you by my wife’s blog: http://andothertimes.com

  13. MikeCamel says:

    http://twitter.com/MikeCamel Church of England deacon, due to be priested June ’09. Curate in Halstead area team, part-time (SSM). IT security specialist, Linux geek, dad, husband, singer, diver (lapsed).

  14. Anglican Lay Minister (Reader) and Franciscan. Based in Liverpool UK

  15. Warren Hicks says:

    Rector of St. Luke’s Worcester, MA. Husband, father, friend. Tries to love God and be good. Blog http://padrewarren.net

  16. http://twitter.com/SusanneBarrett An evangelical for the past four years attending a Reformed Episcopal Church in Southern California — writer, homeschool educator, former university professor, online and co-op writing teacher

  17. Kevin Harper says:

    Domestic Chaplain to the Anglican Bishop of Ballarat.
    An Englishmen in rural Australia.
    Interests: Liturgy; music; Saint Dunstan; Fresh Expressions in Anglo-catholic parishes.
    URL: http://twitter.com/stdunstan

  18. Religious Studies Senior
    I work at a nonprofit dedicated to fostering dialogue, media watchdogging, etc. (The Xenia Institute).
    I generally attend St. Anselm’s of Canterbury in Norman, OK but frequently attend other churches.
    Planning on attending seminary

    URL: http://twitter.com/gideony

  19. Raima says:

    We are a monastery without walls and a vibrant spiritual community. We follow a benedictine-inspired Rule of Life and emphasize contemplative practices. We are associated with St. George’s Episcopal Church in Arlington, VA, USA. Please visit our blog! http://www.urbanabbey.blogspot.com

  20. Michael Rich says:

    http://twitter.com/hmichaelrich08 is active in various ministries at St. Andrew’s on the Hill in Canton, NC–he also manages http://twitter.com/commonprayer and http://twitter.com/stjchrysostom

  21. Wife, Mother of Five, Episcopalian, Political Conservative, Quilter, Reader, Entrepreneur, Independent Arbonne Consultant and Campaigner, Attends St. John’s in Boulder, CO

  22. Dixie Sanger says:

    Member, Christ Church Christiana Hundred, Greenville,DE,USA. Former senior warden, Trinity Parish, Wilmington, DE.Former chair, communications, Diocese of Delaware. Former editor-in-chief, president & CEO, the News-Journal papers, Wilmington, DE.

  23. http://twitter.com/wnknisely – Dean of Trinity Cathedral in Phoenix AZ, active online at the Episcopal CafĂ©, Covenant Communion and Entangled States.

  24. Ginny Gibbs says:

    Alto in Choir at St Nicholas, Elk Grove Il. Will be in trouble for missing practice for vacation…

  25. Member, Shared Ministry Team member, choir member (tenor)
    Prescot Parish Church
    Liverpool Diocese, England
    Freelance writer, creative, arts professional
    Interests: Arts, film, music, linguistics, humour, biblical scholarship

  26. Diocese of Olympia, Washington, USA. Attend both St. James, Kent, WA. and occasionaly Trinity Parish, Seattle, WA.

  27. I am the coordinator of http://www.twitter.com/episcopalcafe , which is primarily a feedstream, but occasionally pipe up when there are problems with the feed or activity/conversation within Twitter that bears bringing attention to.

    I am also http://www.twitter.com/helenmosher where I dabble in Tweet-up comedy and social media trenchancy and make pithy observations on my busy busy life. I consider myself a humorist, but whether you do or not is subject to personal opinion; I haven’t been able to persuade a publisher that I am.


    Because of the high volume of things I post there, and because so many people follow me, I just ask that people introduce themselves to me by commenting on my blog or sending a quick @ reply via Twitter; otherwise I tend not to follow back.

    For anyone who wonders “why Twitter,” here’s something I wrote for my employer, AFCEA International that might be helpful.

    Lastly, I’m trying to beat a compulsive eating disorder and lose the 70 or so pounds I gained since 2005, and blog/tweet relatively anonymously on that matter. If anyone is interested in following that stream, let me know and I’ll pass it along.

  28. Assistant at Christ Church Greenwich CT. Blessed with wife, two wonderful daughters. Enjoy politics, baseball/golf, and ministry (not necessarily in that order) Blog http://tinyurl.com/aeto6h

  29. Yes I am on Twitter, I love it. http://www.twitter.com/ruthiegledhill
    My blog Articles of Faith is also on Twitter:

    I made two profiles because I thought there might be some religious folk who didn’t want to see me going on about pregnant cats, baking cookies and photographing pretty flowers, and also because all my friends interested in pregnant cats might not appreciate being bombarded with comments from my blog.

  30. Rector of St. Matthias’ Episcopal Church in Minocqua, Wisconsin USA.
    The Diocese of Fond du Lac

  31. I live near Houston and attend St. Francis Episcopal Church in College Station, Texas. I am in the second year of a three year Episcopal training program to be a Spiritual Director. In my work life, I specialize in Information Technology Complexity (understanding it and getting rid of it) so most of my tweets are on that subject. But simplicity also has theological aspects, so who knows where I might go! I can be found at http://twitter.com/RogerSessions.
    Pax Christi,

  32. I attend St. John’s Episcopal Church in Murray, Ky. I am a member of Trustees and Council for the Diocese of Kentucky and am chair of the Diocese budget committee. Rose Bogal-Allbritten, my spouse, is an Episcopal Deacon. My profession is clinical counselor and I am director of the counseling center at Murray State University.

  33. Jan Anderson says:

    https://twitter.com/ubinam_rosarium webweaver 4 http://pttw.info – active in parish & on campus (30something in college) future filmmaker

  34. Jan Anderson says:

    FYI – C of E cartoonist Dave Walker is on Twitter too


    I’m on EpiscopalChurch.ning.com at

  35. Robin Lawrie says:

    I live in Miami and am a member of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. I am also a part-time Communications Director of that church.

  36. Anglican ordinand from Sunny Bournemouth, England.

  37. http://twitter.com/Rev_Kurt

    Rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (Monroe, CT USA) – a lovely Church on the Green – welcoming everyone on their journey of faith!

  38. Nak-Hyon Joo says:


    A Korean Anglican priest from Seoul and is working in doctoral study in Berkeley, CA.

    blog: http://viamedia.or.kr (Korean only)
    forum: http://liturgy.skhcafe.org (Korean only)

  39. http://twitter.com/Blogbarger

    Acolyte at The Chapel of the Cross (REC) in Dallas, TX. Attending seminary at Cranmer Theological House with the hopes of one day becoming a priest.

  40. Tim says:

    http://twitter.com/spodzone lay Scottish Episcopalian with interest in liberal studious theology, advice welcome. Also amateur photographer and geek.

  41. Rector of St. John’s Church in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

  42. DeaconScott says:

    I am a deacon in the Diocese of Chicago (TEC), and a probation officer in the Cook County (Illinois) court system.

  43. Rich Street says:

    Lifelong Episcopalian now Anglican. Work with Campus Crusade for Christ and attend http://www.new-covenant-church.com/. Passionate about reaching this new generation of students by using strategies that reach students where they are…on the internet.

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