Cathedral Christchurch

Many of you will have read the article (in The Press) on a possible modern cathedral for Christchurch where I am quoted significantly, and you might wonder about my thoughts.

The article is here.

The online version has a video about the Oxford Terrace inner-city Baptist Church that obviously is not available in the printed version and is certainly worth a view.

I was not one of the ones who ‘declined interview requests from The Press after a few days of “taking advice”.’ My response to the request for an interview had: “Thank you for your email.
I’m afraid I have no more information than is on my site… you will have seen that my contribution to reflection was a series on liturgical architectural principles. I don’t think I have anything to add to those currently. I look forward to reading your feature.”

You can find your way through my points here and here.

UPDATE: News that the Bishop is asking Synod in September to vote.
The media release and other information can be found here.

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