This is a follow-up to my previous post: social media church
If this is the new world in which we live, how then might church change? How does this affect spirituality?

h/t to my e-friend Lori Deschene who writes:

“It’s easier than ever to reach a large audience, but harder than ever to connect with it.”

Of course it’s hard to connect with an audience that’s consuming so much media on a day-to-day basis.

A few other numbers I found:

  • At the rate we’re producing digital content, about 99.93% of it will not be read or used by anyone.
  • Jonathan Spira, Chief analyst at business research firm Basex estimates that lost productivity due to multitasking (emails, websites, etc) costs the US economy roughly $650 billion annually.
  • According to an IDC survey, people now spend 32.7 hours per week online–equivalent to half the time they spend on all media (70.6 hours). That’s 10 hours a day on average.
  • In a study of 18,000 people, Dave N. Greenfield of The Center for Internet Behavior–in conjunction with ABC News–found that 29% of respondents go online to “alter their mood or escape on a regular basis.”

Reid Goldsborough of Information Today suggests we’ve entered a state of “continuous partial attention” in response to information overload. He further explains that as the level of information input increases, our capacity to process and retain that information decreases.

Technological innovation is changing the way people behave – how are we responding? How could we participate and respond?

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